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Scrum Testing

Introduction to Scrum Testing Training

This Scrum Training program is to deliver a deep knowledge of software testing process optimization using scrum framework. The objective of scrum testing is to develop an excellent quality production in a short time period that in turn save both time and money of a software product.

The scrum testing training course helps middle and senior level software testing professionals to understand project management with the help of scrum testing framework.

Scrum is a repetitive and incremental agile software development framework used to manage software application development. It defines a flexible strategy for software development where developer’s team works as a single unit to achieve a common target and enables teams to establish online collaboration and face-to-face communication among all team members in a project.

Course Content for Agile and Scrum Testing Training

Scrum Testing Training help us to understand scrum framework that is governed by three primary roles which are primary owners, development teams and scrum masters.

Scrum training course includes introduction to agile testing, its principles, development, project management, different agile methods, scrum framework, role of scrum master, importance of retrospection and overcoming organizational hurdles.

In Scrum testing course the students will learn how to develop a high quality code in a shorter period using flow based software development. The Scrum training program also provides a capability to analyse and manage requirements in an Agile testing process.

Program Summary

Scrum testing course includes following topics :

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Rishabh Soni

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Nishtha Pawar

Q.  Do I need technical background for this "scrum testing course" ?
A. Yes, you do need a knowledge of software programming and manual testing for getting admission into this scrum testing course.
Q.  Where are your training centers located in India?
A. Our scrum testing training institute is located in Noida Sector-2, Uttar Pradesh - 201301, Near to Sector-15 Metro Station.
Q.  Do you provide "scrum testing training" online ?
A. As of now, we don't provide online training in scrum testing but we provide the same on other courses and that you can find on our "Online Training" webpage.
Q.  Do you provide placements after completion of "scrum testing training program" ?
A. We help our students to get the right job in scrum testing by scheduling interviews but we don't give 100% job placement. Although we provide contacts of the companies but ultimately it is your knowledge or command on software testing to get you selected.

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