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QTP / UFT Testing Training Course

Introduction to QTP / UFT Testing Training Course

The QTP Training course is entirely based on automation testing. It has set of qtp testing courses that are meant for learning test automation functional in an efficient way. It will make students to understand everything related to automation testing in a practical way.

Generally speaking, QTP training is a process that support automation testing for programming procurements including functional and regression. It is performed side by side with a customer interface that may be seen as an integrated nature’s turf for the test itself. As the demand of QTP specialists by the top corporates have risen in the recent times so people are going with this program to become a successful tester.

Course Content for QTP / UFT Testing Training Course

The QTP courses contain details of various subjects such as how to create test scripts, how to improve test scripts by using parameter virtual objects, output values, checkpoints, recovery scenarios and regular expression and so on. Hence, QTP training provides outstanding learning features that can help QTP course aspirants to achieve their career goal in a hassle-free manner. QTP Course is recommended for professionals looking for advanced QTP training for their career goals.

Program Summary

  1. An Overview of QTP
  2. How to Create Scripts?
  3. How to Work with Objects?
  4. What is the Use of Synchronization?
  5. Define Checkpoints & Custom Checkpoints
  6. What is Parameterization?
  7. What is the Concept of Multiple Actions?
  8. What are Recovery Scenarios?
  9. Explain VBScript
  10. Define Descriptive Programming
  11. How to Access Data from External Sources?
  12. Discuss Creating Procedures, Managing Run Errors and Automation Frameworks
  13. Case Study
"I did QTP (F+A) from QACampus. Thanks to QACampus trainer who enhanced my testing skills which helped me in cracking the interview successfully. A very special thanks to placement coordinator for providing me this opportunity to start my career."

Anupam garg

"I am very thankful to QACampus…. As the course of QTP helped me in building my career to the next level of proficiency. The guidance which I got from the trainers was very effective."

Suchita Yadav

Q.  Do I need technical background for this "QTP/UFT training program" ?
A. Yes, you must have basic understanding of software programming to get QTP training. Having knowledge on manual testing would be an advantage.
Q.  Where are your training centers located in India ?
A. Our software testing training institute is located in Noida Sector-2, Uttar Pradesh - 201301, Near to Sector-15 Metro Station.
Q.  Do you provide "QTP/UFT training" online?
A. As of now, we don't provide online training in QTP/UFT testing but we provide the same on other courses and that you can find on our "Online Training" webpage.
Q.  Do you provide placements after completion of "QTP/UFT training program" ?
A. We help our students to get the right job in QTP/UFT testing by scheduling interviews but we don't give 100% job placement. Although we provide contacts of the companies but ultimately it is your knowledge or command on software testing to get you selected.

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