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Mobile App Testing Training Course

Introduction to Mobile app Testing Training Course

QACampus Mobile App Testing Course is one of the most preferred software testing course that helps students to get a detailed practical knowledge of testing mobile based applications. Due to increasing mobile application complexity it is required to perform wild tests on application to ensure its expected quality and strength before it will go to market for common use.

Mobile app testing course help us identify the issues related to performance, security, stability and reliability and implementation of best practices to improve quality of mobile application as per required business goals. Software testing experts at our institute helps you learn effective mobile app testing in a detailed manner. Our Institute is preferred mobile app testing training Institute by mobile application testing aspirants.

Course Content for Mobile app Testing Training

Mobile app testing course covers an introduction to mobile app development, difference between mobile and desktop app testing, introduction to different mobile platforms, device fragmentation. A detailed knowledge has been provided on mobile app automation testing, different tools used for automating mobile test, creating test cases, black box testing and best practices used to perform effective test on mobile app.

During this mobile app testing training students will get an exposure of working on real mobile app testing project.

Program Summary

The topics which have been taught to the students in mobile app testing course are :

Session 1  (4hrs.)

1). Mobile Technology Evolution

    1. Basics of Software Testing and Terminologies

    2. Mobile Communication Introduction

    3. Introduction to GSM,CDMA and other cellular network

      1. 1G

      2. 2G

      3. 3G

      4. 4G

    4. Carriers, Network, Platform

    5. Business areas dependencies on Mobile

    6. Mobile applications

    7. Mobile Eco-system

    8. Mobile Device Varieties

      1. Feature Phone

      2. Smart Phone

      3. Touch Phone

    9. Mobile Test Environment

Session 2: (4hrs.)

2) Introduction to Mobile Application

    1. Types of Mobile Applications

      1. Native App

      2. Web-based App

      3. Hybrid App

    1. Mobile App working Mechanism

      1. Mobile App Architecture

      2. Mobile Platform(OS)

          1. Android

          2. iOS

          3. Window phone, Bada, Symbian, Brew etc.

    1. Development Phases of Mobile Applications

      1. Planning and Design

      2. Create Application Profile

      3. Design the Application UI & Code Implementation

      4. Run and Debug Application

      5. Package Application

      6. Certify and Publish application

      7. Upgrade Application

    1. Mobile Application challenges

      1. Introduction to Mobile Fragmentation

      2. Porting technologies and techniques

        1. Port Design Phase

        2. Device Appraisal

        3. Port Development

        4. Port Test Phase

Lab: Exercises/Scenarios

Session 3: (4hrs.)

3) Prerequisites for Mobile Application Testing

3.1 Introduction to Mobile Application Testing

3.2 Mobile Application Testing Vs Mobile Testing

3.3 Challenges in Mobile Application Testing

3.3.1 Wide Range of Mobile Devices

3.3.2 Testing Application on Different Platforms

3.3.3 Testing App on Different Version of Same Platform

      1. Validating end to end scenarios

      2. Validating scenarios that have carrier Network Dependency

3.3.5 Mobile Users

    1. Practice Exercise :Bug hunt

Session 4: (4 Hrs.)

  1. Mobile application Testing Types

    1. Functional Testing

    2. Usability Testing

    3. Graphical User Interface Testing

    4. Compatibility Testing

    5. Interface Testing

    6. Test Competencies such as:

  1. Response in case of different light conditions(sunlight/dim light etc)

  2. Low connectivity response

  3. Low memory call back handling

  4. Sleep mode response

  5. Accelerometer response (moving phone)

  6. Battery usage

  7. Retrial in case of network disconnect

  8. Localization

  9. Data filtering Response

  10. Time Zone change response

      1. Performance Testing

      2. Operational Testing

      3. Installation testing

      4. Services testing

      5. Low Level Resource Testing

      6. Security Testing

    1. Testing Strategies of mobile application

      1. Business Objectives

      2. Business Impact

      3. Technology

      4. Mobile Strategy

        1. What to Test

        2. Where to Test

        3. How to Test

    1. Quality Assurance & Mobile Application Testing

Exercise/Scenarios Test case introduction and writing

Session 5 (4hrs.)

    1. Mobile Application testing Approach

      1. Planning

  1. Require Understanding & Analysis

  2. Determine Utilization of Emulators/Devices

  3. Create Test strategy

  4. Automation Assessment

      1. Design

  1. Identification of Tools

  2. Procuring Emulators/Devices

  3. Define Framework for Automation

      1. Develop

  1. Identification of Scenarios

  2. Test Data Preparation

  3. Create Test scenarios

  4. Prepare Test Cases

      1. Execution

  1. Configure Test Environment

  2. Perform testing/Types

  3. Defect Reporting

Exercise/Scenarios Test case Execution

Session 6 (4 Hrs.)

    1. Ways of Testing Mobile Application

      1. Emulators/Simulators

  1. Sanity Testing

  2. GUI

  3. Compatibility Testing

  4. Functional Testing

      1. Virtual Mobile Testing Tools

  1. Exhaustive Functional Test

  2. Compatibility Test

  3. Interrupt Test

  4. Regression Test

      1. Actual devices/Handsets

  1. UAT

  2. Functional Test

  3. GUI

  4. Compatibility Test

  5. Interoperability Test

      1. pCloudy

  1. Functional Test

  2. GUI

  3. Compatibility

Exercise/Scenarios Execution

Session 7 (4Hrs.)

    1. Documentation in Mobile Applications Testing

7.1.1 Test Plan in Mobile Application Testing

  1. Introduction

  2. Scope

  3. Test Strategy

  4. Scheduling of Testing

  5. Risk and Assumptions

  6. Entry and Exit Criteria

  7. Test Metrics

  8. Logging Tests & Reporting

  9. Roles and Responsibilities

  10. Deliverables

      1. Test Metrics

  1. Test design Efforts

  2. Test Execution Efforts

  3. Number of Test Cases Executed

  4. Number Defects and Classifications

  5. Test Coverage

  6. Traceability Reports

  7. Defect Reporting

      1. Log Test Preparation

      2. Test scenarios

7.1.5 Test Cases

Exercise/Scenarios: Introduction Bug Report (Excel Format)

Session 8 (4 hrs.)

Mobile Application Test Automation

    1. Need and Scope of Test Automation in Mobile Applications

  1. Programmable

  2. Repeatable and reusable

  3. Reliable and comprehensive

  4. Increased productivity

  5. Cost reduction

  6. Superior application quality

      1. Tools for Defect Authoring

Exercise/Scenarios: Bugzilla Tool

Session 9 (4 Hrs.)

    1. Mobile test automation Process

    1. Introduction to Automation Tools Available in Mobile Testing

    1. Generic challenges in Test Automation

    1. Technical Challenges in Test automation

Exercise/Scenarios: Lab

Session 10 (4Hrs.)

10.1 Best Practices in Mobile Application Testing

10.2 Pilot project, Case studies & white paper

10.3 Assessment

"I wanted to learn Mobile App Testing and this course is a perfect start. I found the course very informative. Concepts are explained very well and I was able to learn quickly & efficiently."

Suruchi Bhatt

"I learn Mobile App course from QA Campus. The Trainers are very supportive, they guide me at every step. I am very thankful to all the trainers."

Saksham Sharma

Q.  Do I need technical background for this "mobile app testing course" ?
A. Of course, you need. You must have basic knowledge of programming and software testing.
Q.  Where are your training centers located in India?
A. Our mobile app testing institute is located in Noida Sector-2, Uttar Pradesh - 201301, Near to Sector-15 Metro Station.
Q.  Do you provide "mobile app testing training" online ?
A. Yes, we provide online training mobile app testing through our programs namely Mobile App Testing – Move Beyond User Stories (MF-101), IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAT), Test Your Mobile Testing Skills and Automating Mobile Apps – Appium (MA-101). For complete details, you can access our "Online Training" webpage.
Q.  Do you provide placements after completion of "mobile app testing training program" ?
A. We help our students to get the right job in mobile app testing by scheduling interviews but we don't give 100% job placement. Although we provide contacts of the companies but ultimately it is your knowledge or command on software testing to get you selected.

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