QTP Interview Questions and Answers – MCQs 5

QTP testing training we provide, aims at equipping the students with complete knowledge of the QTP software testing process. As there is nothing better than more and more practice for thorough understanding, we bring to you a set of quiz on QTP testing. The quiz helps in checking preparation as well as in boosting confidence. The tests and quizzes on our websites have been constructed by a team of exper […]

Manual Testing Objective Questions and Answers

We are a leading Software Testing Training Institute, helping to kick-start the career of software testing aspirants. To help you more with your preparation, we bring to you a set of quiz on Manual testing. Taking the quiz enhances knowledge and boosts confidence. Taking the mock tests available online eases in understanding preparation level for the examination. These quizzes and tests have been formulat […]

ISTQB Online Mock Test – MCQ Part 6

We bring to you quiz questions on various software testing training programs. ISTQB certification mock tests help the students to assess their preparation for ISTQB online quiz and in general to know where they stand. These quiz questions help students to know their strengths and weaknesses, which enables them to use their strengths and work on their weaknesses to better their skills and boost their knowled […]

Selenium Online Mock Test – MCQ Part 8

Apart from providing training in Selenium through our classes offline, we also provide an online platform to students from where they can take training from our round the clock available IT experts. There are many resources that are available on our website. Mock test is one of them that help candidates to see how they stand on their career by noticing how much they have studied syllabus so far. This mock t […]

Manual Testing MCQ Questions & Answers – MCQ Part 6

As we are an aspiring resource in the software testing industry and for students who want to build their career in any specialization, we bring a set of quiz questions on manual testing. You can easily access them at our website for boosting your knowledge. You can also give a mock test available online and check how much preparation you have done so far for the examination. The MCQs on manual testing have […]

Objective Questions for Manual Testing with Answers – MCQ Part 5

We have formulated a set of important questions on manual testing that are available on our website. These will help you in recalling your memory over the topics that you have studied during your course of manual testing training. These bunch of quiz questions will also help you in getting prepared for your job interview as well. So, take a look on these below-mentioned quiz questions on manual testing and […]

Selenium MCQ Questions – MCQ Part 7

In this competitive scenario of IT sector, we give a solution to our candidates to build a successful career in Selenium. Here we have designed a mock test having some important questions that are frequently asked in the examination or job interview. Anyone who want to boost their skills can give this quiz and recall the software testing concepts that are learned while pursuing the course. Have a look on th […]

Quality Center (QC) Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ Part 5

Candidates who want to modify their Quality Center (QC) learning can now take the mock test over the Internet. As a result, they would recall all the testing concepts and technologies that they learned. Our quiz questions have been formulated for the benefit of students as they get a chance to consider their strengths and work on their weakness. These bunch of questions on Quality Center (QC) will help them […]

ISTQB Mock Test Online – MCQ Part 5

We constanlty update our website with quiz questions on various software testing training programs. This section belongs to ISTQB certification mock tests that help students to boost their strengths in every concept of testing. It will make them to evaluate their knowledge and practical level of testing. It is basically known as self assessment mock tests that let students to know their weaknesses as well s […]

QTP Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ Part 4

We have brought a service in the form of quiz on our website through which our students like you who wish to give a test online and sharp their memory on QTP concepts to always have a grip of all testing terms. Our quiz questions have been formulated in such a way that these can help candidates during job interview. As our main goal is to give proper training to students and help them to get the right job, […]