Tips for Starting a Software Testing Career

The demand of software testers is on a rise at the present time. Therefore, Software Testing is a well-suited career option for those who are interested in the field. But, before stepping into any career, it is vital to know the in and out of it. This field is growing by leaps and bounds as the quality improvement of software's is as important as developing them. The responsibilities of a software tester i […]

Why is Mobile Application Testing so Crucial?

Mobile Application Testing Training Course is as preferred as it is popular among software testing aspirants. This course provides practical as well as theoretical knowledge on testing of mobile applications, providing details on the strategies and goals that can be used for effective testing. Taking this up, students get exposure of working on real mobile application testing project. Mobile Application Te […]

6 Weeks/Months Industrial Training Program

6 Weeks/Months Industrial Training Program is a complete training program package for those who wish to obtain in-depth knowledge of software testing. This course imparts theoretical as well as practical knowledge of software testing, and includes both manual and automated testing training. The course content of Industrial Training Program has seven wide sub-categories to provide complete knowledge of soft […]

What are popular tools to start automation testing ?

Software Testing are the processes by which application quality is improved. Software testing is done after each phase of software development life cycle (SDLC) i.e from requirement specifications , design, coding, to the user acceptance. Today many complex software structures are being build that required, the depth analytical and technical skills to test the applications. Knowledge of programming language […]

All you Need to Know About Performance Testing

What is Performance Testing? Performance Testing is a kind of non-functional testing that is done to ensure that the software applications perform well under expected workload. It is a method of quality assurance (QA) that determines the system performance in terms of responsiveness and stability under different workload. The attributes of performance testing are - speed, scalability, stability and reliab […]

Best Automation Tools To Automate Your Application

Automation testing is also called Test Automation. It uses a specialized software tools to execute test case suite. Automation testing tool is capable of Test execution, compare the expected outcomes with the actual outcome and generate detailed test report. Automation testing enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing.The goal of automation testing is to reduce the time and cost […]

Automation Testing Benefits

Automation testing is an efficient and simplified way of testing a software. This is executed through a set of specialized tools. Testing compares the actual outcome with the expected outcome to make improvements in the particular software. Automation testing is highly preferred when repetitive tests (regression tests) have to be run. Not only this, automation testing also enhances the effectiveness and eff […]

Trending Career Options – Make your Career In Selenium Testing

Today Every Engineers are busy in Making their Career as Developer and Designer that why the competition level become high and most left unemployed. No one is focusing on other option better to me unemployed, You must heard of Software Testing which is the part of Software Technology. Here, I'm introducing you with treading tool in today's market for Software Testing. Question Arises What is it? And Why i […]

Growing Popularity of Selenium

A majority of software applications are written as web-based applications now-a-days, so as to run them in an internet browser. Also, automation testing becomes imperative for testing a lot of software and applications. There are also a lot of advantages to test automation; many of them have been linked to the repeatability and speed of execution of the tests. What is Selenium? Selenium is an open sou […]

Present day scenario of Software Testing

Software testing is the process of evaluation or investigation of any software item to assess its functionality. One of the main intentions of software testing is to find bugs. The number of tests possible for a single software are infinite, thus, some tests are selected according to the available time and resources and are executed to find bugs (errors and defects) so that they can be eliminated. Software […]