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Bugzilla Testing Training Course

Introduction to Bugzilla Testing Training Course

The Bugzilla training facilitates students and aspiring testers to get detailed understanding to bugzilla bugtracking tool, its features and benefits of using this tool. Bugzilla is an open source bugtracking tool that is used to test web applications. It helps in improving communication within developer’s team that will lead to increased productivity and quality of software product which in turn will results in improved accountability and customer satisfaction.

The objective of this bugzilla testing training is to develop testing skills of web developer and tester to test web application.

Software testing institute plays a major and important role to make a developer or tester understand the use of bugzilla testing tool to analyse bugs. They also learn how to implement an effective measure to improve performance of web applications. QACampus is preferred Bugzilla training Institute for Bugzilla Training by SQA aspirants.

Course Content for Bugzilla Testing Training

The training program of Bugzilla testing tool inclues basic introduction to bugzilla tool, administering bugzilla tool, checking and maintining database integrity and implemnting security of application. During bugzilla testing training students will learn how bugzilla account can be created, life cycle of bug, identifying and filing bugs, preparing reports and charts. The bugzilla training course also teaches to record history of communication for a software test project that inturn help identifying bugs in web application.

Program Summary

Below mentioned are the topics of Bugzilla testing tool course. All these topics have been taught with practical examples.

Introduction to Bugzilla testing tool

Administering Bugzilla testing tool

Using Bugzilla

Customizing Bugzilla

"All thanks for the trainers for their guidance and support in teaching Bugzilla in the real time environment"

Aijaz Khan

"Bugzilla is very demanding tool in the corporate sector. I joined QACampus to learn Bugzilla so that I can enhance my skills. Thanks to all."

Mona Yadav

Q.  Do I need technical background for "Bugzilla training" ?
A. Candidates having knowledge on software programming basics can join the course of Bugzilla training.
Q.  Where are your training centers located in India?
A. Our Bugzilla testing institute is located in Noida Sector-2, Uttar Pradesh - 201301, Near to Sector-15 Metro Station.
Q.  Do you provide "Bugzilla testing tool training" online?
A. As of now, we don't provide online training in Bugzilla testing tool but we provide the same on other courses and that you can find on our "Online Training" webpage.
Q.  Do you provide placements after completion of "Bugzilla training program" ?
A. We help our students to get the right job in Bugzilla testing by scheduling interviews but we don't give 100% job placement. Although we provide contacts of the companies but ultimately it is your knowledge or command on software testing to get you selected.

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